Why Is Hair Transplantation Only Solution for Baldness?

Why Is Hair Transplantation Only Solution for Baldness?

    A person’s true beauty is enhanced through their hair. Like clothes, the hair also adds to our personality; it’s a part of what we are. Apart from complementing our facial features, it also adds a feeling of confidence. But due to today’s lifestyle pollution, food habits, environment, and increase in diseases, many of us cannot retain this beauty enhancer named hair and suffer from losing them at an early age. 

    The main drawback of hair loss is loss of confidence. With the loss of hair, we suddenly are not confident enough to face the world, living in a dilemma that people will make fun of. Though we are regularly saying this, hair loss has become a severe problem for many people.

    Hair transplant is a surgical process of hair transplant to treat hair loss. A hair transplant is one of the successful ways of curing Baldness through surgery. It gives a fuller appearance to the bald area with the resistance of DHT by rearranging the existing hair follicles.

    Features Of Hair Transplantation

    • Depending on the area of Baldness, this surgery takes time from four to eight hours. 
    • Though the patient needs to take pain and antibiotics medicine after surgery but usually does not require spending the night in the hospital. 
    • Hair transplantation has a risk of surgical complications and infections. 
    • Not being a successful graft is also a risk the patient needs to take. 
    • It takes a time of six to ten months to see the full effect
    • Everyone cannot go through this surgery. A specific age group and some needs to be done to know whether the candidate is suitable for the surgery or not.
    • For someone seeking a drastic result, hair transplantation can be a great option.
    Why Is Hair Transplantation The Only Solution For Baldness?

    Despite the availability of other options for treating the hair loss problems, transplantation is the permanent solution to the problem of Baldness as no other treatment works like a wonder on the dead roots of the hair other than the transplantation surgery. Here we are providing some points in support to prove why transplantation is the best solution.

    Improved Technology:

    Giving a natural appearance has become possible with the improvement of technology. Fake-looking hair with unnatural hair, those days are gone. With less hassle and a natural appearance, transplantation is favored by many.

    Increasing The Problem Of Hair Loss:

    The problem of loss of hair is no longer limited to the older age group. People in their 20 also experience severe hair fall problems. Which overall increases the population of people facing hair fall problems. Therefore the demand for the treatment of hair fall is also growing; more people are interested in hair transplants.

    Social Media Influence:

    In contemporary times our lives are highly influenced by social media, and there is no denying this fact. Nowadays,s people are more conscious of the way they look, all thanks to social media. This, in a way, increases the demand for surgeries to get the perfect-looking hair and skin for an increasing population of self-conscious people.

    Fear Of Aging:

    With the increase in the age span of the people, today’s millennial self-conscious people don’t want to age. They, in a way, fear the process of aging. They are doing everything to maintain their physical appearance, including body fitness, skin quality to hair, and contributing to the increasing demand for hair transplant surgeries.

    Decreasing Stigma:

    Earlier, there was a stigma related to such surgeries, but now even big celebrities are accepting of undergoing these surgeries, creating consciousness among people about these surgeries and decreasing stigma. Therefore more people are going for these surgeries to get their desired results and gain that confidence in them.


    The growth of our hair depends on the hair follicle, though hair has a cycle of its own. After a fixed time, the hair on the strand drops down, and a new one grows. But If the hair follicle is not generated, recent hair years are closed, disappear, scarred, and then a new hair will not grow again. In a situation like this, Transplant is the only option left to get back the hair. With the expert teamAvenues Cosmetic Center provides the best and most trustable surgery results.

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