Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery Female

Cosmetic surgical enhancement of breasts aims to restore and modify undesirable breast size and shape as required by individual towards a perceived aesthetic ideal. Changes due to pregnancy, the effects of gravity and ageing can be reversed in most patients and more youthful breasts restored without altering natural appearance or function.

Breast Augmentation

Small, sagging or “empty” breast may be enlarged, filled and the shape improved by placing silicone gel implants under the breast tissue or the chest wall muscle.
The size of the breast prosthesis and type of operation is decided on at the time of preoperative consultation and depends on patient’s expectations and anatomy.

Breast Lift

Sagging breasts of adequate size may be lifted and made firmer to improve breast shape and reduce stretched areolas without enlargement. This operation is often requested after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss which leaves the breasts smaller, sagging and flaccid.
Breast lift makes patients less bra dependant and improves fitting of underwear and clothing. Some techniques result in less scarring than others and we endeavour to leave the least scarring possible.

Breast Reduction

Large sagging breasts may be reduced in size and made firmer to produce a more proportionate size and improved breast shape.
Breast Surgery procedure

Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetrical breasts may be corrected by various operations depending on breast size and extent of asymmetry. Breast implant placement, breast lift or reduction operations are often combined to correct the differences. Absence of breasts and absent chest wall muscles may be improved by placing implants or other reconstructive operations.
Breast Surgery before after

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy For Cancer

Breast deformities left after various forms of breast cancer surgery may be reconstructed and restored to a natural appearing breast, matching the remaining one. As it is difficult to match a large, droopy or very small opposite breast by breast reconstructive procedures, the opposite breast often requires adjustment as part of the reconstruction as well in order to achieve a natural symmetrical result. Currently most breast reconstruction operations are started at the time of mastectomy if the cancer treatment will allow this.

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