FUT Hair Transplant

These days we are least bothered about our health and same is the case with our hairs. Like good health, good hair is equally essential for maintaining our personality and look but most of us take our hairs for granted and we realize its actual worth only when they’re gone. Hair loss is a common problem of the present generation and it tends to create distress in people. With hair loss and baldness they lose their self confidence and this make them feel de-motivated.
FUT hair transplant
To every type of hair problem whether it is baldness or hair thinning the best solution is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is most trusted solution for hair loss problems and it has been used since years to treat such problems. When considering FUT hair transplantation, it is the oldest technique in the field of hair loss which is mostly trusted to give desired results.
FUT is a traditional concept of transplantation and is a conventional surgical hair restoration method. In Follicular Unit Transplantation the patient is prepared for the procedure and after applying anesthesia surgeon removes a 6 to 10 inch strip of skin from the back of head where hair is present. He sets it aside and sews the scalp by closing it with required stitches. This area is later hidden with the hair and its growth. After this doctor divides multiple hair grafts from the strip of the skin and prepare it. Then the recipient area is prepared and it is numbed by the doctor then using a scalpel or needle small holes are made in which this grafts are delicately placed one after the other. Later in few weeks or months hair starts growing.
FUT hair transplant
FUT Grafts

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Patient is made comfortable at the clinic and all formalities are completed.
Donor area is cleaned and local anesthesia is applied to the area to make it ready. The patient is made comfortable to start the procedure.
Incision is made by the doctor and strip of skin is removed from the back or side of head scalp. This is the skin with maximum hair grafts after this the areas is Closed with sutures carefully, using trichophid sutures
The extracted skin is then kept safe and with this hair follicular units or grafts is prepared for transplantation.
The area is cleaned and small holes are made with the help of needles.
The prepared grafts are then placed delicately with specialized instruments into each hole carefully. It is then left for achieving natural hair growth.

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