Body Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation requires sufficient amount of hairs at the donor areas. In a normal hair transplant procedure, hair is extracted from this hair bearing areas and transplanted to bald areas. Usually the donor area is the back or the top area of the head scalp but sometimes hair loss patient do not have sufficient hair growth in this areas also. When there is absence of sufficient hair growth at donor area or when the patient is suffering from complete baldness in such cases extraction of hairs is done from other significant donor areas.
Body hair transplant
In cases of complete baldness or scarcity of donor area body hair transplant is opted for hair transplantation. BHT is also carried out with advance procedure of FUE the only difference being the donor areas. In such cases donor area can be any other body part which have significant hair growth. BHT is only opted in the patients when there is no sufficient hair on head scalp for extraction.
In cases when a patient is suffering from the condition of extreme baldness he must opt for Body Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad, It is because Avenues has expert doctors for providing successful results from BHT. The results of Body hair transplant at Avenues are permanent and long lasting

Several Body Parts From Where Hairs Can Be Extracted Are:

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant follows exactly the same procedure as that of the other hair transplantation procedure but in BHT hair is extracted from the hear bearing body parts other than the donor areas at head scalp using advanced technique of FUE. This body parts may include beard, chest, back, stomach area or any other parts where hair growth is sufficient for extraction this extracted hairs are then prepared and transplanted to the bald areas of the head scalp to achieve full hair growth. This is a suitable hair option for complete baldness patients. Other than hair transplantation at head scalp BHT is also suitable for eyebrow hair transplantation, chest hair transplant, beard hair transplant etc.
Body hair transplant

Advantages Of Body Hair Transplant:

Advantages Of Body Hair Transplant In Ahmadabad, Avenues:

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