Top 5 FAQS About Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad

Top 5 FAQS About Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad

    Your Top 5 Hair Transplant Questions Answered

    You need proper Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad if you are suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a scalp issue that damages your hair follicles.

    Mostly, hair loss clinic recommend hair transplant surgery for the treatment of genetic baldness.
    Actually, experts believe that male pattern baldness does not affect the back and sides of your head because this region grows baldness-resistant hairs.
    Hair loss experts remove these hairs from the back and sides and insert them into the bald scalp.

    In this article, we have provided five main questions regarding hair transplant surgery with proper answers.

    1. Would You Like To Tell Me About The Procedure Of Hair Transplant?

    Generally, your Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad is going to start the procedure with the help of local or general anesthesia.
    After this step, your surgeon will remove healthy hair follicles from the back and side with the use of either FUT or FUE procedure.
    FUT or follicular unit transplant is done by removing a strip of skin from the donor site to harvest hairs whereas follicular unit extraction or FUE is performed by removing healthy hairs directly from the donor site.
    After the surgery is finished, your surgeon will allow you to leave the clinic with some instructions.
    You have to follow these instructions during the recovery period.

    2. Can I Hope For Permanent Results?

    Experts say that the back and both sides grow baldness-resistant hairs. Your expert is going to choose only this region for the surgery. Therefore, transplanted hairs will grow in the transplanted area forever with full thickness and density.
    So, it is sure that the results of the surgery are going to be permanent.

    3. When Will Full Results Take Place?

    You need to wait for at least 6 months. Transplanted hairs need a certain time to grow and incision sites will take some time for healing as well. Full results will be observed after 12 months when your transplanted hairs will grow with optimum strength.

    4. Are There Any Risk Factors Associated With The Surgery?

    Side effects like swelling, pain, or itching are normal after hair transplant surgery. These side effects do not take much time to subside after the surgery.
    With an authentic and reliable surgeon, you are not going to face even a single risk factor.

    5. Will I Have Some Instructions?

    Surely, you will have some instructions to ensure success after the treatment. Your surgeon will provide you certain instructions that you must follow before and after the surgery.

    We are sure you may more questions. If you have and are looking for suitable answers, the Avenues Hair Clinic in Ahmedabad is able to satisfy your requirements. Our surgeons are fully capable of diagnosing and treating genetic hair loss. We are sure you will have a better environment and full facilities in the clinic.

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