Hair Specialist In Ahmedabad Hair Doctor In Ahmedabad

Hair Specialist In Ahmedabad Hair Doctor In Ahmedabad

    8 Key Hair Transplant FAQ

    Genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness kills hair follicles from the scalp forever. If you are facing this serious problem, you need a reliable Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad for proper treatment.

    Hair transplant is a surgical treatment that is extremely popular because of its positive effects on the psychology of hair loss patients.
    After the treatment, hair loss patients feel motivated and confident because of their restored scalp.

    In this blog, we are going to provide 8 frequently asked questions and their answers. We are sure you will enhance your knowledge about hair transplant.

    1. How To Prepare For Hair Transplant?

    You have to visit a reliable hair loss clinic for an initial consultation. At the time of initial consultation, tell your surgeon about your medical history, health condition, and familiar history.
    Your surgeon will check your scalp and hair to find out underlying reasons for genetic hair loss.
    After the surgeon is sure about your disease, he will provide a date to you and you have to arrive at the clinic on the same time.

    2. What Techniques Are Used For The Surgery?

    Mainly two techniques called follicular unit transplant or FUT and follicular unit extraction are used for hair transplant surgery.
    Both techniques are effective for hair loss and only the surgeon makes the final decision to perform strip surgery or follicular unit extraction.

    3. Is Hair Transplant Painful?

    No, hair transplant is not a painful procedure. Your Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad is going to administer anesthesia to numb your scalp during the surgery. moreover, proper medications are prescribed to minimize pain and discomfort after the treatment.
    So, never worry about issues like discomfort.

    4. Do I Need To Follow Some Instructions?

    Surely, you need to follow certain instructions before and after the surgery. before the surgery, you need to stop certain medications, smoking and drinking.
    After the surgery, you should not pull out or touch transplanted hairs. Moreover, save your scalp from sunshine and do not perform heavy exercise and activities.

    5. Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Hair Transplant?

    if you are a healthy person and facing male pattern baldness, you may have hair transplant surgery.

    6. When Will I See Full Results?

    You will start to see the results after 6 months. This process will remain for almost 1 year when you will observe full density and thickness in transplanted hairs.

    7. Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

    Transplanted hairs are baldness resistant. So, they are going to grow in new areas with full strength and thickness.
    Do not worry about permanency of hair transplant

    8. What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

    If you visit the Avenues clinic for Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad , you will have affordable hair transplant surgery at a reasonable cost.

    Usually, the cost depends on grade of baldness, hair transplant technique, and the number of transplanted hair.

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