The Ideal Time For Hair Transplant in Gujarat

The Ideal Time For Hair Transplant in Gujarat

    The Ideal Time In A Year For A Hair Transplant

    Usually, home remedies and hair loss products do not work for genetic hair loss. Genetic hair loss is also called male pattern baldness that affects both men and women and it is considered an untreatable disease.

    However, hair transplant surgery is effective restore the bald scalp and a lot of hair loss experts recommend this surgery for male pattern baldness.
    In this procedure, the surgeon is supposed to remove healthy and baldness resistant hairs from the back and side of the patient’s head.
    Hair transplant is a surgical treatment and may involve some minor side effects like swelling, brushing, and mild pain. Therefore, the patients have to be prepared for the recovery period.
    Many patients ask about the ideal time to have the surgery.
    Generally, the patients decide to perform the surgery after they are sure about the progression of baldness.
    According to the Norwood scale, male pattern baldness progression is divided into seven phases.
    Every next phase is more severe than the previous one. So, the surgeon looks for a time when the progression is stable. It means there are minimum chances of the formation of new bald areas.
    Moreover, the surgeon has to consider the quality of the donor site as well.
    There are many patients who want to know about the favorable season as well.
    As a general idea, there is no ideal time and you can arrive at the clinic whenever you are physically and psychologically prepared for the surgery.

    However, you have to know about some necessary things about the summer and winter season.

    Hair Transplant In The Summer Months

    The surgeons have no problem in the treatment but the recovery period can be quite uncomfortable for you since your scalp sweat a lot during the summer months. Sweating is not a positive thing for your scalp and transplanted hair.
    Moreover, sunshine is not good for your scalp as well. Most surgeons restrict you from going outside because of the UV rays of the sun.
    As you know, the effects of UV rays are more severe during hot weather.

    Hair Transplant In The Winter Season

    If you undergo Hair Transplant in Gujarat during the winter season, you will not suffer from the problem of sweating. Additionally, the effects of sunshine are not severe in the winter season.
    So, you may consider hair transplant surgery in the winter season.


    This blog does not say you should not undergo hair transplant surgery during the summer months.
    A surgeon will provide the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad if he is sure about your candidacy.
    If you wish to know more about your candidacy come to the Avenues Hair TransplantClinic in Ahmedabad. You will get the correct information instantly.

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