Consult Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad When You go in the Sun After Hair Transplant

Consult Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad When You go in the Sun After Hair Transplant

    When Can I Go In The Sun Following A Hair Transplant?

    A hair transplant is a surgical treatment that needs proper recovery because even a single mistake during the period may alter the results.

    Visit an authentic hair loss clinic and fix a meeting with your Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad. he will tell you about the procedure of hair transplant and he will guide you about the instructions you should follow after the treatment.

    As a patient, you are free to ask your questions about the technique and results of the surgery.
    Here in this article, we are going to tell you about an important matter. Generally, hair loss patients ask about going outside after the surgery. Actually, going outside after the treatment depends on multiple factors and sun exposure is one of them.

    Every hair loss patent must avoid sun exposure for a number of days.

    Is Sun Exposure Disastrous For Hair Transplanted Hairs And Scalp?

    Of course, it is.
    This is the reason your surgeon would recommend that you save your scalp and hair from sunshine.
    During the surgery, your surgeon is going to remove hairs from the donor site and transplant them into the bald scalp.
    After the surgery, your transplanted scalp will not be able to protect itself from the bad effects of sunshine.
    Usually, our skin contains chromatophores that are responsible for darkening the skin as the protection of skin from sun exposure. But, these chromatophores are not active completely or they die during hair transplant surgery.
    They will be active again but it takes considerable time. Therefore, it is a better idea to avoid sunshine after the surgery.
    Furthermore, after the surgery, the transplanted area becomes sensitive to strong sunshine. Therefore, newly transplant hairs are not properly immune to tolerate UV rays.

    What Is The Correct Time For This Precaution?

    Your Hair specialist in Ahmedabad will advise you to save your scalp from sunshine for at least four months after the surgery. There are some patients who show the sensitivity of scalp to sunshine even after 6 to 7 months.
    So, it depends from person to person as well.

    How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun After A Hair Transplant Surgery?

    First of all, wearing a hat is a good idea to protect the head from direct sunshine. However, you must wear a loose-fitting hat for the first five days after the surgery. if you wear a tight hat, it is possible newly grafted hairs become dislodged.
    It is the best idea to avoid going outside after the surgery. At least avoid it at peak times.
    Finally, you have to make your best efforts after the surgery to keep the hair follicles safe. Therefore, your Hair specialist doctor Ahmedabad advises you to protect your scalp from sunshine. Moreover, your expert is going to provide a lot of instructions and you have to follow every instruction sincerely. After all, you do not want to ruin the results of the surgery.

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