Hair Transplant Using Body Hair

Hair Transplant Using Body Hair

    Hair transplant is a proven clinical procedure which needs to be perfect in any manner, it is important that the person seeking hair transplant has a healthy donor area having sufficient hair, but what if he does not have a good donor area and had a limited growth of hair on the donor area? In this situation body hair transplant is the best option, in body hair transplant in Ahmedabad hair follicles from other parts of the body like beard, chest, arms, axilla, and legs are used as a source of grafts for covering the bald scalp.

    Body hair transplant is an exclusive method that is mainly applicable for men only, but a body hair transplant is usually different from normal hair transplant and the result of which also differs in the form of the hair cycle, growth, number of hair and direction of growth. Readout this article which includes the following points in terms of a body hair transplant.

    1. Ideal candidates
    2. Steps in the process of body hair transplant
    3. Benefits of body hair transplant
    4. The cost of body hair transplant
    5. And conclusion

    Are You An Ideal Candidate For The Body Hair Transplant?

    1. Men having a poor donor area are ideal candidates for body hair transplant.
    2. Mostly the doctors prefer to take hair from chest and beard areas, so men having a thick growth of hair on chest and beard areas are ideal candidates for hair transplant.
    Body hair transplant


    Doctors usually prefer local anesthesia for the extraction in this process, it is a safe and efficient way through which the extraction process proves to be easier for patients.


    When performed by a good and experienced hair surgeon, the body hair usually mixes with scalp hair and implanted on the scalp for proper integration.


    The extraction time in body hair transplant is usually longer than regular scalp transplant, it is quite a difficult process which requires more skills and experience along with proper qualification because the hair is taken from other parts of the body grow in variable direction, thus it is more time-consuming process than normal FUE.

    Is Body Hair Transplant Beneficial?

    Yes, of course, body hair transplant is beneficial but to the extinct that a good and experienced surgeon is performing it, it has several advantages like:

    1. Patients who are facing baldness and also had poor growth in the donor area of the scalp get good results from a body hair transplant.
    2. The higher growth rate of hairs from other body parts when implanted on the scalp.
    3. Body hair mixes well with the scalp hair, just the doctor needs to extract good hair from the body.
    4. The best advantage of transplanting body hair on the scalp is body hair does not face severe hair fall because they are dihydrotestosterone resistant.

    The Cost Involved In Body Hair Transplant

    Body hair transplant

    Cost of body hair transplant is higher than normal hair transplant because it requires higher skills and experience, generally, it depends upon many factors like the number of grafts needed, area of baldness and much more. If you choose a good qualified, and certified surgeon, your body hair transplant in ahmedabad will cost INR 100000 to INR 1500000 depending upon the number of grafts required.


    As discussed above, hair transplant is a proven clinical process and it is important to choose a good surgeon as well as a good clinic for having good results, Avenues Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics which provides one of the best body hair transplants with intense care and more positive results in reasonable cost.

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