6 Benefits of FUE

6 Benefits of FUE

    Compared to the conventional “strip method” approaches used in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) operations, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a form of hair transplant surgery, can provide patients with a number of advantages.

    Both procedures involve removing healthy hair follicles from a donor location and transplanting them to the parts of your scalp that are balding or thinning. Your natural hair should start to come back naturally and permanently as a consequence.

    But the method utilised to harvest the donor’s hair is what makes an FUE hair transplant unique.

    In a conventional FUT operation, the surgeon cuts a broad strip of scalp tissue from the donor area, divides the strip into individual follicular units, and then transplants the follicular units.

    The follicular units are individually and directly removed from the scalp during an FUE operation, usually with the use of an automated device. The extraction technique entails several small, circular punctures or incisions dispersed over the donor region. In some circumstances, body hair can be harvested using FUE as a donor site.

    The method utilized to collect a donor’s hair is crucial since it can significantly affect your hair transplant experience and its outcomes.

    Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplant

    1. Advance technology

    Automated tools and technologies that speed up the procedure and contribute to better outcomes are used to execute FUE hair transplants. The least invasive, most accurate hair transplant operation is possible thanks to the employment of these cutting-edge technologies.

    2. Natural Look

    Hair transplant cost rarely stands out from natural hair thanks to the sophisticated FUE technique’s flawlessly natural outcomes. In FUE, hair grafts are implanted in such a way and at such an angle as to closely resemble the development of the surrounding strands. As a consequence, transplanted hairs resemble the surrounding hair as closely as possible. Additionally, scars from earlier strip harvests can be hidden with FUE.

    3. Easier Healing Process

    FUE often requires less time to recover than FUT. You may resume your regular activities in only a few days after having your extraction sites closed without the need of sutures.

    FUE is often less unpleasant throughout the healing process, but even if you feel at ease, it’s still crucial to follow your surgeon’s post-operative recommendations if you want the best outcomes. FUE is preferable if you have a hectic schedule and want to be able to get back into the swing of things sooner due to the shorter recovery period.

    4. Long Lasting Results

    If the extractions and transplants are done correctly and you take proper care of your hair and scalp, FUE grafts should continue to develop hair for the rest of your life. Repeated FUE sessions can fill any gaps created by thinning hair in other parts of your head. It may be possible to leave more prospective donor hairs available for further treatments by using individual follicles instead of a strip.

    5. Large Harvesting Area

    For patients with a poor donor hair supply and a high recipient demand, FUE offers the potential to increase donor hair reserves. It is generally accepted that the FUT technique can still be used to harvest some more grafts from a patient whose donor has run out. The donor’s chest, belly, and beard are among areas where donor hair reserves may occasionally be increased.

    6. Virtually Undetectable Scarring

    FUE does not use sutures or linear scars, which are more likely to be seen and challenging to cover up than they are with FUT. With each harvesting method, some degree of scarring may be unavoidable, although the prominence and look of those scars might vary greatly.

    Patients who undergo FUE can anticipate modest, widespread, circular scars across the donor region that, even with short hair or shaved heads, are hardly noticeable. This is due to the fact that the follicular units are taken from the donor region in a more natural pattern and with punch blades that have a diameter of less than 1mm (and not a long, unnatural line, as with strip harvesting methods).

    As a consequence, there is far less chance for visible scarring, and the results seem incredibly natural. For people who want to wear their hair short, this might be a particularly noteworthy advantage.


    If you have FUE treatment from skilled hair transplant specialists, you have a higher chance of experiencing all of the aforementioned advantages.

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