You have been doing it wrong! Learn the correct way to wash your hair

You have been doing it wrong! Learn the correct way to wash your hair

    Have you ever noticed why you feel that your hairs have revitalized after your visit to saloon. It is because of the right way experts handle your hairs while shampooing it. Yeah, you read that right. You have been washing your hair in wrong way and by doing so you took strands from silky and shiny to fully lackluster.

    However, it is never too late to start doing shampoo in right way to obtain healthy tresses. This post embraces the most common mistakes done usually by us and how to avoid them.

    Are You Washing Your Locks Too Often?

    Correct way to wash your hair

    People having the best tresses always recommend that you should not wash your hairs too often. Most of us wash our hair too much. Washing hairs three times a week is more than sufficient for almost every hair types. If you wash your hair too frequently then it actually produces more oil.

    You Take Shower In Hot Water.

    Correct way to wash your hair

    I know that steamy shower makes your body relaxed but exposing your strands to super-high temperatures may leave them looking dry and dead. Nevertheless, there is proven ideal temperature for hair wash but it is preferable to wash with cold water as it helps to lock the moisture in tresses

    Are You Scrubbing Your Scalp Too Much?

    You must be extra-gentle when washing at the root. Never use your nails or massage the scalp too harshly, Scrubbing too much can cause hair fall. You must apply minimal pressure, while washing your scalp. Usually two rounds of mild shampooing does the trick of cleaning your scalp.

    You Must Be Tolerant With Your Conditioner.

    Patience is worth especially when it comes to conditioning your hair. You must always start applying conditioner from middle of the hairs to downward, towards the ends. Experts warn against ever conditioning at the root. You must be patient and leave the conditioner in and wrap your hair in a towel for five to seven minutes

    Your Shampoo Must Suite Your Hair Type.

    Correct way to wash your hair

    You must first identify your hair type and then pick the right shampoo according to it. Say you have oily hairs then you must pick a purifying shampoo. Make sure that you are using it carefully so that it does not dry out your scalp.
    If your hair type is dry then consider smoothing, moisturizing formulas. However, if you have neither oily nor dry hair types then go for a gentle shampoo.

    Be Gentle After Shower.

    Correct way to wash your hair

    You must never be too harsh, while drying your hairs with towel. Gently dry your hairs with towel and put some protecting serums if you are about to apply some heating/styling tools.

    These are some of the significant tips given to the readers by the professionals of Hair Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad. as they believe cure is better than prevention.

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