Why You Should Never Choose a Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic

Why You Should Never Choose a Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic

    We know hair loss problem is on the rise, they are high on numbers, more than 35 million people are affected by this problem alone in the United States. The problem rises so its solutions are found, hair transplant is one of these. But the people who are looking for best hair transplant in Ahmedabad must be aware of the thing that choosing a cheap hair transplant clinic is not a great option as it can be dangerous for surgery results.

    Choosing A Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic May Not Provide The Desired Results And It Can Happen Due To Following Results:

    1. The hair transplant surgery is not performed well.
    2. Wrong hair transplant technique was used.
    3. The placement of hair grafts did not go as expected (resulted in fall or destruction of grafts).
    4. The surgeon was not experienced so transitioned rate of surgery was not good.

    First Recognize, Hair Transplant Cost Factors

    Never choose a cheap hair transplant clinic

    Before you choose any low-cost hair transplant clinic, it is important for you to know that which factors affect the cost of hair transplant.
    Following are the price determinants of hair transplant surgery-

      1. Experience of surgeon
      2. Type of procedure is chosen
      3. Place of the clinic (Metro, Non-Metro)
      4. Numbers of hair required (Grafts or Follicles)
      5. The complexity of surgery
      6. Post surgery medication & More

    When you visit a hair transplant check these factors as they are important in deciding the cost.

    Choose Safety Not Price

    1. Qualification And Experience of a surgeon is the key of any hair transplant surgery to be successful. In India, plastic surgeons or other surgeons can perform hair transplant surgery with proper training. It can not be done by dentists, Ayurveda or homoeopathy doctors. You should get the proper information from the doctor, before getting the hair transplant, ask if they can show before-after photos of previous patients.
    2. At Avenues Cosmetic Centre, our team of surgeons is qualified and certified for the surgery. They are active members of the national and international organization of surgery such as American Board Of Hair Restoration and Associations of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India.
    3. A surgeon won’t perform the surgery alone, he requires a trained team of technicians who work full time with the surgeons. It’s important to ask surgeons about his team members and their qualifications.
    4. It is not the last but the least requirement of a good hair transplant clinic: ‘Being upgraded with latest equipment’. It should be all the facilities to deal with emergency procedures.

    Circumstances Faced If A Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic Is Chosen

    Unnatural Look Of Hair Line

    Never choose a cheap hair transplant clinic

    If hairs are not placed well then hairline may give an ugly and doll-like look.

    Low Density

    Never choose a cheap hair transplant clinic

    If the surgeon is not experienced then hair grafts can be placed in a way that roots are damaged. In result, transplanted hairs might not grow. Damage to transplanted roots also reduces the diameter of the hair grown from it.


    Never choose a cheap hair transplant clinic

    A person may face severe itching and infection if the proper hygiene is not followed by the surgeons.

    Damaged Blood Vessels

    Never choose a cheap hair transplant clinic

    There is a risk of getting damaged blood vessels, in result necrosis can occur at the donor and recipient area. There will be a loss of healthy important hair follicles and your investment would be gone in vain.


    Never choose a cheap hair transplant clinic

    In FUT hair transplant procedure, a linear scar is formed at back part of the head. If the scar is not incision properly then it can leave a permanent big sign of surgery.

    So these are the primary risks of choosing a cheap hair transplant clinic or surgeon.
    Avoid offers like 1 Rs hair transplant or 4000 hair grafts in 20000 Rs which is probably not possible if the surgeons are good and experienced. Avenues Cosmetic Centre has the best hair transplant surgeon in Ahmedabad and has years of experience in the field of hair restoration. If you need any information regarding surgery then free feel to contact them.

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