Why Is Being Bald So Embarrassing in India?

Why Is Being Bald So Embarrassing in India?

    Hair loss or baldness is quite distressing as the symptoms of baldness can cause stints of anxiety, psychological stress, lack of self-assurance and depression. Hair loss denotes loss of virility, attractiveness and decline in sexuality. It is such an embarrassing thing that the people did not want to step outside or talk about the subject and believe the subject was off-limits. A bald head is used as a butt of jokes, people make fun of people who have fewer hairs on their head and consider it as one of the physical flaws. In today’s time when the environment is so polluted, hair loss has become common and it affects 60% of men before the age of 40. Baldness follows a typical pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning, it happens because of an excess of a chemical called Dihydrotestosterone that makes the hair follicles thinner until they completely pack up making the area bald.

    The Causes Of Hair Loss Or Baldness Are:-

    ● Stress
    ● Iron deficiency
    ● Fungal infection on the scalp
    ● Hormonal problems
    ● Underactive thyroid
    ● Genetic predisposition

    The Symptoms Of Baldness Are As Follows:-

    ● Breaking of hair shafts
    ● Hair fall in patches
    ● Shedding of hair
    ● Hair loss with pain and redness

    Baldness makes people think they will no longer be attractive to potential sexual partners and not be attractive to women, therefore, being bald involves deep shame and inferiority. People who are bald feel as foolish, the shame over being bald becomes a form of body dysmorphic disorder. A bald man annoys him and slowly takes them to the depression that is very dangerous for human health. Men feel ashamed/embarrassed of being bald due to the following reasons:-
    1. In our culture, a full head of hair on a man is considered attractive and masculine.
    2. In our culture, there is a tremendous shame about growing older that overvalues our youth.

    We all must know that everyone loses 50-100 hairs per day and new hairs come in their place but if you are losing more than that then it could be a serious issue as it makes noticeable bald spots. Hair loss makes the person feel embarrassed and suffer from depression but people should get over the shame that they feel, I agree that some degree of shame is normal and natural but you have to recognize it and should be proud of yourselves. Many hair transplant clinics provide expert care in hair loss with professional treatments that work, they help you to restore your hair i.e, your confidence. There could be several reasons for hair loss and if in case you are unable to detect the reason for hair loss then the professionals help you in finding out the reason that could be hormones, heredity, underlying health condition and many more, for this the professional doctors perform comprehensive tests with your hairs to know the true reason of baldness.

    But in today’s world, you need not worry although I agree that being bald is so embarrassing but there are many hair restoration or transplantation techniques. Today the hair transplant techniques have also become sophisticated as the old methods involve taking large sections of skin from the back and grafting them on the top scalp but FUE is undetectable and allows surgeons to place individual follicles into the thinner parts of the hairline around both top and front of the scalp. You need to take care that you choose a good surgeon and Avenues could be the best choice that is committed to giving the most effective, scientifically formulated and clinically proven results for you. The results of the treatment are gradual for the hair to grow and give time to men to adjust their new look. The treatments could be expensive but they are worth the money and makes you look younger and boosts your confidence.

    Hair Transplant Method Includes:

    1. A thorough analysis of your case.
    2. A detailed consultation with an expert.
    3. The suggestion of the best solution.
    4. Surgery by the best professional doctor and skilled staff.
    5. Follow-up post-surgery.

    If you are feeling ashamed of being bald and want your hair to come back then you may contact any best clinic for hair replacements, hair growth treatments and cosmetic surgeries. The clinics of hair transplantation offer a variety of medications and treatments to restore the hair and are happy to offer corticosteroid hair loss treatments to the patients as well. With all the modern technologies available nowadays, no one needs to feel embarrassed about hair loss and the best doctors in hair treatment clinics would find the right treatment for your hair that would make you feel proud and motivated. You may contact them by calling or messaging the respective clinics and could fix your appointment and could start feeling better about yourself.

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