What You Need to Know About Achieving Voluminous Hair Without Products

What You Need to Know About Achieving Voluminous Hair Without Products

    When we talk about voluminous hair, the first thing that comes to mind is famous celebs’ images. Though not everyone is born with full, thick hair or bouncy waves, great hair has come to be defined by its vast volume. And even if we are born with voluminous hair, they don’t last forever.

    If you also face issues with your hair and it has gone flat, you have reached the right place. We will share tips to help you get good-volume hair without using any products. This also includes getting a hair treatment in Ahmedabad from a trusted name, such as Avenues. They are highly professionals with a track record of successful hair transplants.

    Why Do You Need Voluminous Hair?

    Do you ever imagine standing in front of a mirror before leaving for work, pumped up and confident? What do you think lacks the most? The way you have styled your hair. Your hair is the simplest thing to modify, and it can instantly transform your entire look and appearance. And in hair, specifically increasing its volume.

    Adding volume to your hair gives you a look that will make people wow wherever you go. The best part is that you can do it with a hair transplant in Ahmedabad. Most people don’t know that a hair transplant can give them the volume they always were looking for, saving them regular salon visit charges.

    Besides, there are tips that we will share to give you your hair volume and the confidence that you deserve. The best part is all of it without buying any products.

    Visit a Hair Specialist

    Although this is not always the case, hair thinning can also be caused by any underlying medical condition. A disorder known as androgenetic alopecia may cause vast amounts of hair in the shower drain, a widening part in your hair, or patches of hair loss. This condition can start as early as the 20s if genetic, and it begins after menopause.

    Do you know that 50% of women face hair loss issues by the time they turn 50? This alopecia is generally linked with genetics. At the same time, medical problems can be because of thyroid, anemia, iron deficiency, or maybe a spike in male hormones. All of these can be treated when you visit a hair specialist doctor in Ahmedabad.

    Being experts, they can guide you on the way forward – whether medical treatment or hair transplant/treatment.

    Tips to Enhance Volume Without Using Products

    You don’t always have to head to a store to increase the volume in your hair; you can do it naturally by following the below tips:

    1. Change Your Hair Parting

    In case you need immediate volume, change how you part your hair. If you always part your hair on the same side, you will notice your hair falling into place. Next time, change the part or make a parting on the opposite side. You can even go for a zig-zag parting instead of a straight one.

    Changing your part instantly adds volume since your hair isn’t used to falling in that direction. Flip your hair to the opposite side to quickly add volume if you feel like losing it during the day.

    2. Eat a Balanced Diet

    Poor diet is one of the many reasons contributing to dull or low volume in your hair. Hence, if you need a boost in your hair health and volume, you must start eating a well-balanced diet. Your diet should have necessary vitamins, such as C and B, and minerals, like iron, zinc, and copper.

    All these essential nutrients also promote the strengthening of hair follicles and hair growth and, thus, help in increasing hair volume. Even if you go for a hair transplant process, the doctors will need healthy hair follicles to get the procedure done. Hence, a healthy and balanced diet is a must.

    3. Get the Right Haircut

    You can also get a new haircut, like a textured or layered cut, to get more volume to your hair. Layer cuts will add dimensions and movements to your hair, whereas a textured one will add volume and body. Depending on your face shape and hair type, you can always consult your hair specialist doctor for the right advice.

    4. Hair Transplant

    A hair transplant can change your look and overall appearance. Doctors today can go for different techniques like FUE, FUT, and PRP treatments. Based on your needs and the intensity of the hair transplant, your doctor will suggest the right treatment option. Remember, the hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad will depend on your chosen process.

    Avenue Cosmetics is the best hair clinic, with experts who have performed different hair transplants successfully. They are an advanced clinic with modern techniques to help you quickly get smooth, shiny, and voluminous hair. Fix your appointment today with one of their experts to understand more about the different hair transplants available.

    5. Hair Care Routine

    You must follow a proper hair care routine to maintain optimal hair health. It includes understanding the frequency of hair washing and the benefits of natural oils that can make your hair voluminous. You must understand the importance of maintaining the right hair moisture balance to get the perfect volume in your hair.

    Ending Thoughts

    In conclusion, with a few easy procedures and lifestyle changes, it is possible to have voluminous hair without using products. You may naturally improve your hair’s volume and vibrancy by using natural drying techniques, implementing frequent scalp massages, choosing appropriate hairstyles, and modifying your cleaning schedule. 

    Remind yourself to keep hydrated and eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet to nourish your hair from the inside out. You may get the most out of your hair and have abundant locks that exude natural beauty if you are patient, consistent, and creative. Moreover, remember to visit Avenues Cosmetics to get yourself checked. They can suggest the best way to give a healthy bounce to your hair.

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