What causes White Hair Patches and how it is treated?

What causes White Hair Patches and how it is treated?

    The Avenues clinic is not only a center for Ahmedabad hair transplant but many patients suffering from other diseases. One of such diseases is White Hair Patches. Developing white hairs after a certain age is just normal but if observing a white hair patch at an abnormal age is the sign of a health issue. White hair patch on a specific area of the head is a health issue that may occur at any age and it is medically termed as poliosis. This disease is possible in both of the genders having multiple causes. This is a painless condition but it can harm your self-confidence and self-esteem severely. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose the disease correctly with a proper treatment.

    A Brief Introduction Of White Hair Patch

    causes of hair patches and how it is treated

    Opposite to normal white hair strands, Poliosis is a small patch of white hairs that may occur on any area of normal hairs. This condition appears because of the decreased quantity of melanin pigment present in the hair follicles. As a result, discoloration of the strands takes place. Poliosis is a long-term or short-term disease and severity of the conditions depend upon on the root causes of the disease. In some cases, this issues may occur in the others parts of the body. Poliosis can be genetic or it can take place as a side effect of a number of medical conditions.

    Treatment Of Poliosis

    causes of hair patches and how it is treated

    A proper treatment of poliosis is not found and hair experts recommend some preventive methods for the patients. They give preference to avoid the conditions that may lead to the disease. They advise to remove the elements that cause white hair patch and also, they try to treat the minor signs of hair related problems.
    The Avenues, a trusted place for hair transplantation in Ahmedabad is not counseling the patients regarding the disease that does not have a slid treatment yet. Thus, the patients observing some strange conditions of the scalp or hair can visit the clinic soon.

    What Is The Main Cause Of Poliosis?

    As mentioned above, White Hair Patches may be a genetic disorder. Sometimes, it may occur due to autoimmune disease in the body. An autoimmune disease is a condition in which the protective system of the body starts to attack the hair follicles. Apart from these reasons, White Hair Patches may occur due to alopecia areata, albino, injuries, aging, stress, radiotherapy etc.

    Diagnosis Of The Disease

    As you may see that diagnosis of the disease is not a simple task due to various possible reasons for the problem. It means a patient must see a doctor for a deep diagnosis and checkup. The surgeon may ask you some questions regarding your medical history and the family record. After that, some examinations and tests are conducted by the surgeon to reach the correct cause of the problem.

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