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Sweating Hair in Summer – Here are Some Tips to Prevent It

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Summer can be annoying not only in terms of your skin but shiny hairs also. This season produces a lot of heat that might cause in sweating in the overall body including hairs. Sweating hair can be sticky in touch and make you want a bath in every hour. So what could be the solution to prevent sweat on the scalp?

Sweating scalp can be the reason for dandruff, smelly hair and even hair fall. If you don’t prevent this problem it might cost in damage of hair roots causing in thinning of hair and balding.

In summer, it’s important to shampoo your hair thrice a week and provide natural cooling oils to scalp at least 1-2 times a week. Apart from that, there are some great tips that might help you in preventing sweat on hair.

1. Washing Your Hair-

Washing Your Hair
Washing your hair thrice a week in summer can prevent sweating on scalp area. Shampoo is a great way of providing cleansing and protection to your scalp from heating too much and producing sweat. There are certain essentials that can be used for washing your hair such as vinegar and water, mud, conditioner and shampoo.
You can also build a wash plan where a specific sequence is set for hair washing through different products. These hair wash cycle could be like-

2. Using Essential Oils-

Using Essential Oils
When it comes to using essential oils for hair. There are plenty of benefits one might get from these oils. Such as thickening your hair, treat dandruff, dry scalp and make your hair shinier and silkier. Essential oils provide enough nourishment to hair and scalp to be heat resistant. They provide proper required cooling to head during summer. It promotes healthy and silky hair and doesn’t let it sticky.

3. Rose Water Wash-

Rose Water Wash
Rose water can be used with shampoos, conditioners and can be lonely applied to the scalp. It is completely up to you how you wanna make use of this amazing natural liquid product.
If you want your hair to smell great and look shiny, start using rose water at the place of normal water. It provides nourishment of flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E. They keep your hair healthy leaving no signs of dandruff and hair fall. Try to apply it once or twice a week for delivering cooling essentials to prevent sweating.

4. Applying Hair Packs-

Applying Hair Packs
This is the best way to prevent your hair from sweating. There are other benefits too- improves scalp health, conditions hair, strengthen hairs, promotes hair growth.

Here are some hair packs you can try-
  • Egg-Yogurt Hair Pack.
  • Egg Yolk-Honey Hair Pack
  • Avocado-Coconut Milk Hair Pack
  • Coconut Milk Hair Treatment
  • Banana-Avocado Hair Pack
  • Mayonnaise-Avocado Hair Pack
  • Avocado-Egg Pack
  • Yogurt-Cream-Egg Hair Pack

5. Avoid Heat Generating Machines-

Avoid Heat Generating Machines
Hair styling machines such as hair dryer, hair straightening and any tool that might be used for making hair flat. Stay away from them. They can destroy your hair because due to summer temperature hairs are already messed up and heating machines could be an addition to it, causing more sweating.

This is the sweating issue causing your hair loss problem but if you are facing hair loss problem on a permanent basis and shedding hairs more than usual then time has come to visit a good place for treatment of hair loss. Avenues Cosmetic Centre is a decent place in Ahmedabad for hair loss treatment. Meet them now.

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