Shedding after hair transplant: It is normal?

Shedding after hair transplant: It is normal?

    Have one of you ever witnessed hair fall and gone through hair transplantation. If yes then I am hundred percent sure that you must have been very worried about the post-hair transplantation shedding.

    Falling or shedding of hair is a natural thing that often occurs with individuals of any age. As per some reports, dermatologists suggest that on a normal basis an individual sheds 50-100 hairs in a day. But in certain cases, normal shedding and abnormal shedding might occur and one should be able to distinguish between the two.

    Hair shedding might come as a shock to others or some. This might be due to a lack of knowledge. Dermatologists suggest that the shedding isn’t bad but it becomes a point of concern if the shredded one is the implanted hair. They add that temporary hair loss is thus fine.

    Unlike earlier days hair transplantation isn’t considered an abnormal cosmetic surgery.

    There is another kind of shedding and that is shedding after transplantation.

    There isn’t any reason as such to panic as such as new hair will automatically grow. And if you ask about the timespan you need to wait then 3 months it is.

    If will hardly take 9 months and you can again enjoy a full-grown head full of hairs again.

    Why Does Transplanted Hair Shed After The Operation?

    Hairs are one of the most crucial and attractive parts of any human body. Similar to our body the hair also has a hair growth cycle that occurs gradually. The hair cycle has three major phases. These phases are as follows:

    • Growth phase
    • Transition phase
    • Resting phase

    Most dermatologists suggest that shedding is a part of a universal pattern. Some patients that have gone through this hair transplantation say that they notice their hairs falling. But they need to notice that this must not be the hair that got transplanted. If we talk on a serious basis then patients hardly can notice loss which is often known as shock loss in that particular donor area. It’s totally ok if this occurs on a temporary basis and soon regains its growth.

    Now Some Of You Might Go On Googling When Will This Shredded Hair Grow Back?

    Before arriving at the answer to this question we must understand the fact that these shed hairs often does so between 3-12 weeks after the transplantation surgery. And now moving on to the answer to the question then the hair should definitely grow back in a few months precisely 4-12 as seen in most cases.

    Can The Risk Of Hair Shedding Be Reduced And How?

    Honestly, no such claims proven as such speaks about reducing the risk of shock loss after any transplantation surgery. But yes there exists one fact that this loss can be prevented up to a great extent from occurring in the next future.

    There too exists medications that help both men and women as well.

    A patient is also another factor in the success of any hair transplantation. The patients also need to put an equal amount of work into it. Talking about the measures then as we all know that the scalp is too sensitive then we think so the patient must be careful while touching the scalp intact according to some dermatologists touching the scalp isn’t recommended except when needed washing. Another precaution is to prevent bumps.

    Avoid swimming and process like a sauna. These refreshments can be aaded back to one’s lifestyle after 4 weeks in minimum. And another utmost factor is the patient’s cooperation of course.

    So this was all about post-hair transplantation shedding.

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