Questions to Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon Before Surgery

Questions to Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon Before Surgery

    If you are facing hair loss problem and have decided to undergo hair transplant surgery, first of all, you have to be clear about all the aspects of the surgery. It is obvious that the authenticity of the surgeon is one of the most important factors that ensure the success of the hair transplant in Ahmedabad. Certainly, a capable surgeon can answer all of your questions related to hair transplant surgery. On the other hand, a patient may have a lot of queries in his mind when he comes to the clinic. There is nothing wrong with being expressive and a patient may always ask his question to be more informed about the procedure.

    Here We Have A Brief List Of Some Generally Asked Questions That Are Important For The Patients Of Hair Loss. Read The Following List And You May Add Some More According To Your Expectations:

    What Is An Ideal Age For Hair Transplant?

    Hair transplant surgery questions

    Most of the time, the surgeons have no age restriction for hair transplant and however, they like to treat the patients when they are matured enough to have a surgical treatment and to develop realistic expectations for the procedure. The time of hair transplant depends on the conditions of the scalp and hair. Generally, the surgeon thinks about the surgery when the conditions are not extremely severe.

    Am I A Suitable Candidate?

    Hair transplant surgery questions

    Every person having severe hair loss or androgenic alopecia is a suitable candidate for hair transplant. A healthy person with no smoking or drinking habits may have hair transplant surgery. Moreover, the surgeon checks the candidacy for the two hair transplant technique, FUT, and FUE.

    Which Options Are Available For Me?

    Mainly two options are available for the patients called FUT and FUE and both of the techniques are believed to be effective for the treatment of baldness. So, the patients may ask about the best technique according to the condition of the scalp.

    FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant

    What Are The Risk Factors?

    It is natural that patients ask about the risk factors since the nature of the procedure is surgical. Surely some side effects and risk factors are associated with the procedure but the surgeons are capable of dealing with these factors and after choosing a skilled surgeon, the patients must not worry about the possible risks.

    Is The Procedure Painful?

    Hair transplant surgery

    You, surgeon, make best efforts to make the procedure less painful but as it is a surgical procedure, you may face some discomfort. The procedure is performed using anesthesia and in the case of local anesthesia, you may enjoy a movie or book during the period of the surgery.

    Will My Transplanted Hair Shed In Any Condition?

    Hair transplant surgery

    The transplanted hairs are genetically stable and grow in the new area forever so there is no chance of falling the hair. Initially, the hair shed for sometimes after the surgery but that is only a temporary stage and hairs grow again with full strength.

    When Will I Observe Full Results?

    Hair transplant surgery

    The new hairline is completely visible after the hair transplant and hair shedding is possible after some time after the surgery and this process is a normal stage of re-growth of hair. Full results of the surgery are observed after almost 1 year.

    Do You Have A Considerable Experience In The Field?

    Asking about the certificate, training or experience is essential for the patient to know about the authenticity of the surgeon as a bad decision made by you can ruin your surgery. A trained and experienced surgeon provides you guarantee for the success of the treatment.

    How Many Hairs Are Needed For The Surgery?

    The exact number of grafts depends on the area to be covered and the desired density of the transplanted hair. The surgeon has to use the donor area effectively so he generally checks the donor site before the surgery.

    Do I Need Future Transplant Surgeries?

    After hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair will never fall but it is possible the patients develop new bald areas and in this condition, the patient may need future procedures.

    What Is The Total Cost?

    Most of the patients think that the cost of the hair transplant is the same everywhere but this is only a misconception. The total cost of the surgery depends on the condition of the scalp and the type of the procedure used to the treatment. Patients may ask about hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad before they make any final decision.

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