How soon can I Return to work after a Hair Transplant Treatment?

How soon can I Return to work after a Hair Transplant Treatment?

    How Soon Can I Return To Work After A Hair Transplant Treatment?

    Hair loss is a serious scalp condition that needs proper hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad For the treatment of hair loss, usually the experts suggest hair transplant that is a reliable treatment for genetic hair loss.

    The nature of hair transplant is surgical. Therefore, patients ask about the side effects and recovery period of hair transplant surgery.
    It is natural all the patients want to get back to the work as soon as possible after any surgical treatment but patients need some time to heal the treated area.
    Thus, it is not usually possible to return to work immediately after hair transplant surgery.

    Before We Talk More About The Recovery Period, Let Us Have A Look At The Procedure Of Hair Transplant.

    Hair Transplant Process

    During the hair transplant surgery, a hair loss specialist in Ahmedabad is supposed to remove healthy hair follicles from the back and sides of the head. Later the expert inserts hair grafts to the recipient area.
    As you see, the surgeon has to keep the hair follicles safe while he removes or inserts them during the surgery.
    Not only during the surgery, but hair follicles may face damage if the patient does not treat them well after the surgery.

    Importance Of Recovery Period

    Therefore, the aftercare period is an essential period after the surgical treatment of hair loss.
    During the recovery period, you have to follow certain rules that are decided by your surgeon.
    Generally, the rules include all the activities that may positively or negatively affect the results of the surgery.
    The surgeon will restrict you from the activities like smoking, drinking, heavy activities, touching the hair follicles etc.
    All these activities are harmful for newly transplanted hair roots.
    Moreover, you have to wash your hair carefully to keep them properly clean. Furthermore, the exposure of the scalp to sunshine is also not allowed after the surgery.
    Surgeons say that it is better to stay inside the home but if you have to go outside, always wear a hat or scarf.

    When You Can Start Daily Work?

    In most cases, the patients are not able to start their daily work during the first week after the surgery.
    Side effects like swelling, brushing, redness, mild pain and itching occur just after the surgery. Therefore, the patient needs proper time to let your scalp heal completely.
    Moreover, keeping the hair follicles safe is also a great responsibility.
    Usually, newly transplants need at least 6 to 12 months to grow properly.
    But, you may start your daily work after the side effects go away and your surgeon allows you to start daily tasks.
    If you wish to know more about the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, you have to visit the Avenues hair clinic in Ahmedabad.
    The Avenues clinic provides extraordinary medical services in the field of hair restoration. If you visit the clinic, you will certainly find it extremely comfortable to undergo hair loss treatment.

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