Getting a Hair Transplant before marriage is a good or bad idea

Getting a Hair Transplant before marriage is a good or bad idea

    Is A Hair Transplant In Gujarat Before Marriage A Good Idea?

    This question is the base of this blog

    Actually, this question has no direct answer because everyone has his own mindset and belief system.

    However, it is sure that a person would like to look well on the day of his marriage. According to a proverb, “the first impression is the last impression”. Thus, nothing is wrong if the person is careful about his look in his marriage ceremony.

    Moreover, according to a social belief, men with healthy and shiny hair look younger. Thus, the desire to restore the scalp before the marriage is totally justified.
    According to a social belief, girls are not impressed with bald men. However, it depends on an individual and we cannot use it as a universal rule. Many film actors are bald and they have millions of female fans.
    If you are facing hair thinning and hair loss and planning for your marriage soon, you have to consider some factors.

    You Would Not Get Immediate Results

    If you think you will get restored scalp after a couple of days, you are totally wrong.
    During the Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad, your surgeon is going to remove the donor hairs from the back and sides and transplant to the bald region of the scalp. These transplant hairs will take several months to grow with full-thickness and strength. Moreover, the treated area also needs considerable time to heal. According to hair loss experts, you need at least six months to 12 months to see proper results.

    Look At The Grade Of Your Baldness

    •  To make a good decision, you have to look at the condition of your scalp. If your hair loss has affected just the hairline or a certain region of temples, you may arrange your marriage without undergoing the treatment since other temporary like wigs are available to serve your needs.
    •  After the marriage, you may plan to have hair transplant surgery to have permanent results.
    •  If you have enough time to wait for permanent results after hair transplant surgery, nothing is bad in a hair transplant before the marriage but if you want instant results, use temporary treatment to look well on the day of your marriage.
    •  Generally, baldness progresses at a steady rate, and it is rare to see a young person with a bald crown. Usually, a receding hairline and some hair loss on temples are observed in young ones. Thus, they can postpone the plan to have a hair transplant.
    •  Interestingly, your surgeons will not allow you to have surgical treatment if your baldness is not stabilized. They will also wait for the stabilization before the surgery.
    •  However, if your surgeon is satisfied and you have no problem waiting for your results, a hair transplant before the marriage is a good idea. It provides a natural look and permanent results.

    Go for the surgery before marriage after full consideration of these factors.
    If you are planning for an affordable hair treatment, Come to the Avenues clinic for a reasonable hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad. you will get perfect results after the treatment.

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