Does a Hair Implantation Damage Existing Hair?

Does a Hair Implantation Damage Existing Hair?

    Most people perceive hair to be healthy when it has volume, movement, and gloss. So it’s simple to believe that a health issue is to blame for hair loss when you detect a clump of fallen hair strands in the sink.

    The hairs already weak or separated from your scalp gather near the drain when you thoroughly wash your hair in the shower. While it may seem like a lot, you are likely observing regular hair loss.

    Many people believe that hair loss following a hair transplant is a bad thing that will cause irreversible harm, however, this is not true. It is untrue that a hair transplant affects the existing hair on the entire scalp. Contrarily, a tiny portion of the existing hair near the transplant site is temporarily impacted. Hair typically sheds in cycles, which is why this may happen. In other words, hair typically grows, falls out, and then grows back. The growing hair may be shed early under stress, but it will eventually recover.

    Male pattern baldness and thinning hair are both frequently treated with hair transplants. The methods used for hair transplantation nowadays have developed to give you a more natural-looking appearance than ever. However, many people delay getting a hair transplant out of fear that it would harm the hair follicles already there, which would then harm their hair.

    The hair follicles are removed from the donor site on the scalp during a hair implantation procedure and are then implanted into the bald scalp area. Miniaturization takes place on the existing hair at the recipient site.

    Miniaturization generally arises when working on the area where the donor site’s grafts are inserted or the recipient site. Hair falls as a result of reduced blood flow to the scalp. Hair gradually grows back in the scalp after this brief hair loss procedure.

    Only the proper placement of the grafts and ensuring they stay in place must be monitored. Remember that only the follicle’s developed hair strands fall out. The roots remain undamaged inside the follicle, allowing for future hair regrowth.

    Reasons Why Hair Implantation Could Damage Existing Hair:

    This treatment causes the hair’s size and length to start declining gradually. Eventually, the hair that has shrunk to a microscopic size surrounding the recipient site falls off. After hair implantation, there is a danger that the grafts could be damaged if the area isn’t adequately cared for. This causes more problems and hinders the scalp’s recipient site from experiencing healthy hair regrowth.

    An unexpected reaction to the drugs is another issue that might arise following hair implantation. Before things worsen, you must have your consulting surgeon examine you if you are experiencing uncontrollable hair loss after the transplant. In addition, your surgeon can determine whether the hair loss is a side effect of any medications you are taking.

    A hair transplant requires lengthy surgery and is very accurate and essential. The ultimate outcomes will be affected if a cosmetologist with no previous experience performs the procedure. You may endure continuous thinning hair, hair fall, permanent scarring at the transplant site, and the likelihood that no new hair will grow there. This is why you must conduct research before scheduling an initial surgical consultation. Check out their credentials, licensure, and professional experience with hair transplants. This is essential and must not be ignored. The likelihood that a patient will encounter complications increases with the surgeon’s level of experience.

    It could be highly distressing to have a hair transplant. Therefore, if you want to invest money, ensure it is done at the top hair transplant clinics and by skilled surgeons. Hair loss and sluggish hair growth are two frequent post-hair transplant problems, but they are all transient. To boost your confidence and feel better about yourself, you might be a contender for hair transplant surgery if you have irreversible hair loss.

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