10 Causes of Hair Loss and Baldness in Men

10 Causes of Hair Loss and Baldness in Men

    Everybody constantly loses hair, approximately 100 strands per day on average. They depart, regrow, and the process continues again. However, most men will soon realize that they are losing more hair than ever before and that it is not returning. Up to 72 percent of men will experience hair loss at some point. It could be caused by hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances, illnesses, or a natural part of the aging process. Sudden hair loss might indicate an existing medical problem that has to be treated. Some people would naturally let their hair loss progress without treatment or camouflage. Others may disguise it with caps, shawls, cosmetics, or hairstyles. Others decide to utilize one of the remedies to stop additional hair loss or encourage growth.

    The following reasons are frequently linked to hair loss:

    Heredity (Genetic background): The inherited disorder that develops with age is the most typical explanation of hair loss. This disorder is male-pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia. In men, it often manifests as bald patches and a receding hairline in regular patterns.

    Improper Diet: issues with your nutrition, such as receiving far too much vitamin A or not enough iron.

    Medical issues and hormonal shifts: Several diseases, particularly hormonal imbalances, can cause either lifelong or temporary hair loss. Alopecia areata, an immune system-related ailment that results in uneven hair loss, ringworm infections of the scalp, and the hair-pulling disease trichotillomania, are a few examples of medical issues.

    Therapies involving radiation or chemotherapy: Radiation treatment to the scalp may cause the hair to regrow differently than it did previously.

    Thyroid Problems: The hormones produced by the thyroid assist in controlling almost all bodily processes, including hair growth. Baldness can be brought on from either hypothyroidism or a hyperactive thyroid since they can lead to hormonal imbalances. Hair loss may also be influenced by autoimmune thyroid disorders, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease.

    Excessive stress: Numerous people notice significant hair thinning several weeks following a traumatic event, whether physical or mental. Temporary hair loss results from this kind of.

    Drugs and other supplements: Some medications, including those for cancer, arthritis, anxiety, cardiac problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure, can cause hair loss as a side effect.

    Hairstyles and hair treatments: Intense styling and tight-pulling hairstyles like ponytails and cornrows can result in traction alopecia, a form of hair loss. Regular hair dye and hot oil applications can make hair brittle and fall out. Scarring might cause irreversible hair loss.

    Scalp Infection: Prickly and occasionally inflammatory regions of your scalp might result from a scalp infection. Your scalp may appear to have a few little black spots. In reality, these are hair stubs. Some people start going bald.

    Friction: In areas where tight garments, footwear, or socks constantly brush against a person’s skin, hair loss can occur. Whenever the rubbing ceases, hair usually grows back naturally.


    Consult a specialist if you want treatment for recurrent hair loss or baldness and are concerned about it. Seek medical advice if you notice more hair falling out than normal when brushing or bathing your hair or if it happens suddenly or in patches. Sudden hair loss might indicate an existing medical problem that has to be treated.

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