PRP Hair Treatment Vs Hair Transplant

PRP Hair Treatment Vs Hair Transplant

    Avenues clinic’s suggestions are extremely valuable for a better Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad. As a leading clinic in Ahmedabad, Avenues is known for its extensive research in the field of hair transplant. Apart from the hair transplant, the clinic performs other amazing treatments for hair loss as well. However, all treatments are not suitable for all the patients. Generally, hair loss and baldness are considered as two different treatments for hair problems.

    Initially, hair loss does not seem dangerous since, at times, most of the people face more or less hair fall. Hair loss increases gradually and generally, it is not clearly observed by the patient. Mostly, the patients observe the conditions when the situations are pitiful.

    After the conditions are out of control, the patients observe a receding hairline with increasing bald area on the head.

    Various claims are made to cure the hair loss and baldness by various clinics, but the patients must believe only in the claims that are made after sufficient research.

    Nowadays, PRP hair loss treatment and hair transplant are considered the best hair treatments by the doctors and patients as well. However, both of these treatments are effective in different stages of hair problems.
    Let us be clear about the benefits of both the treatments!

    PRP Hair Loss Treatment:

    PRP hair loss treatment is an effective treatment for hair loss and most of the time, it shows optimal results. Using the patient’s own blood, platelet rich plasma is extracted that is rich is growth factors. Such growth factors are capable of promoting hair re-growth.

    Hair Transplant:

    Hair transplant is an effective technique to cure baldness. The procedure is executed using the baldness resistant hair of the back of the head. These hairs are transplanted to the bald areas of the head.

    The Perfect Solution For Baldness:

    Above description is clear to understand that PRP hair treatment works on the existing hair of the head and it is not an effective treatment for baldness. At initial stages of hair loss, PRP is effective but the growth factors of the PRP do not work for the bald areas of the head.

    If you have developed bald areas of the head, the only solution for you is hair transplant. Hair transplant is especially performed to cure the bald areas of the head and it is one of the most satisfactory hair restoration procedures for baldness nowadays.

    Finally, if you have excessive hair loss and thinning of hair but not baldness, PRP can be a hope for you, but if you are late to respond and baldness has occurred, go for hair transplant. You are advised to not waste time using such hair re-growth treatments.

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