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10 Things to Avoid After a Hair Transplant Procedure

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​10 Things to Avoid After a Hair Transplant Procedure

Results of hair transplant surgery depend on the skills of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In India. Moreover, success after the hair transplant surgery is based on the quality of recovery period. Mostly hair loss experts finish the surgery with some instructions. If hair loss patients follow these instructions honestly, they see favorable results after the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Most common instructions given by the experts include adding some things to the lifestyle and other things are avoided.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the most common things that you must avoid.

1. Cigarette and Wine

Smoking and drinking is not a good habit for your general health. Moreover, these habits may alter the results of hair transplant surgery because nicotine and alcohol both are known to prohibit the flow of blood into the scalp. Therefore, your surgeon would advise you to stop smoking and drinking before and after the surgery.

2. Sleeping Flat

While you sleep in your bed after the surgery, it is better if you elevate your head slightly to avoid swelling. Swelling is a common side effect and commonly experts advise to avoid sleeping flat due to this symptom after the hair loss treatment.

3. Sunshine

Newly transplanted hairs are fragile. Therefore, sunshine may be harmful for these hairs if do not avoid going outside. If you have to go outside urgently, use a cap or scarf.

4. Driving

After the surgery, you would not be able to drive your car because of the effect of sedatives that are used before the surgery. Therefore, you have to take help from a person who can be your friend or relative.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

Drink enough water to hydrate your body after the surgery. Your body needs enough water to carry out the healing process. Therefore, do not avoid drinking plenty of water.

6. Touching Hair Follicles

After the hair loss treatment, it is possible you have a strong desire to touch your transplanted hairs but do not do it. It may lead to infection or permanent damage to your transplanted hair roots.

7. Washing Hair

Do not wash your hair just after the surgery. wait for at least 3 days and consult your doctor before you finally wash your hair with the use of a mild shampoo. Use your fingers gently while you wash your hair.

8. Heavy Activities

Exercise and other heavy activities are also not allowed after the surgery. You have to ask your hair loss expert before you do any activity like running, weight lifting etc.

9. Not Taking Medicines on Time

Mostly hair loss doctors provide proper medicines like pain killers and antibiotics. You must take your medicines on time to avoid a slow healing process after the surgery.

8. Dying the Hair

Hair colors are safe for hair but not for transplanted hair follicles. you have to keep yourself away from hair colors that may be laden with harsh chemicals to harm your hairs.

So, you must these 10 things while you undergo the surgery under the supervision of the Best Hair transplant doctor in India . We are sure you will have favorable results after the surgery.

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